– Full truck Load (TL) is the transport of goods that fills up a full truck.

– Partial Load (LTL) is a freight mode for large shipments that may not require the use of a full truckload trailer.

– Power Only (Tow away)  is a trucking industry term for using our  tractor/s  to move your trailer that you have either purchased or leased.

– Oversized Loads are loads that exceed the standard or ordinary legal size and/or weight limits for a specified portion of road, highway or other transport infrastructure. Our transportation specialists will handle all of the hazels of  processing permits, escorts and/or pilot cars.

-International Shipping is the term used to describe a parcel delivery or group of parcel deliveries in which the parcel is taken from one country and delivered to an address in another.

– Refrigerated Shipping Services (also referred to as “reefer”) is a freight shipping method that specializes in the transportation of foods and products that require a temperature-controlled means of transport. The trailer that is hauling the food and other products has a built-in refrigeration system to keep any and all products in their pre-shipped state.

– Expedited TL Services is essentially when a particular parcel or consignment is prioritized  over others, improving its delivery speed.


Our logistic specialists will assign your load to one of  the following type of trailers, depending on commodity and dimensions:

Limit Dimensions = Length  x  Width  x  Height  x  Weight

– Flatbed

Limit dimensions:  53′  x  8’6  x  8’6  x  45,000 lbs

– Step-deck

Limit dimensions:  53′  x  8’6  x  10’6  x  45,000 lbs

– Lowboy / RGN (Removable Goose Neck) Oversized

Limit dimensions:  31′  x  8’6  x  12’6  x  45,000  to  120,000 lbs

– Reefer

Limit dimensions:  53′  x  8’6  x  8’6  x  45,000 lbs

– Power Only (Tow away)

Limit dimensions:  53′  x  8’6  x  8’6  x  45,000 lbs

– Dry Van

Limit dimensions:  53′  x  8’6  x  8’6  x  45,000 lbs



Open Auto Transportation means that your vehicle will be outdoors, probably on an open trailer, during transport and will be exposed to the elements. This is the most common and economic  way to ship.

Enclosed Auto Transportation features a fully enclosed trailer. It has a roof and four sides and it provides a safe and secure environment, not exposed to the elements,  for your vehicle while it is in transport.

Motorcycle Transportation. When shipping a motorcycle, it will be strapped & secured to a customized pallet and transported on a special truck to reduce risk of damage. You even have the option of shipping straight to a residence, or save money by dropping and picking up at a carrier terminal.

Boat Transportation. We have specially designed trailers to accommodate boats up to 70 feet in length, from sailboats to power boats to yachts.



Open Car Hauler (3 to 12 vehicles)

A car hauler is a type of trailer expected to put anywhere between 6 and 12 motor vehicles in a  75 feet long trailer and 13 and a half feet high.

Enclosed Goose Neck (1 to 5 vehicles)

An Enclosed Goose Neck features a fully enclosed trailer to accommodate low profile or expensive vehicles. This type of equipment usually provides a higher cargo liability / insurance.